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How to Deliver Next-Generation Military Training for the Forces of Tomorrow

UDSS director, Air Marshal Phil Osborn CBE joined a panel discussion hosted by Shepherd Media with participants from Hadean and BAE Systems to discuss how the defence industry is utilising emerging technologies to enable the training systems of the future.

Nick Brown, Hadean Defence Business Development and Air Marshal Sir Stuart David Atha, KBE, CB, DSO, Director Defence at BAE Systems and Air Marshal Phil Osborn CBE were hosted by Trevor Nash of Shephard Media to discuss how the digital domain can be utilised to best effect across the whole generation of defence and capability. The panel also addressed a key question,  "What is the most critical challenge in delivering defence’s vision for multi-domain integration?"

Listen to their thoughts and watch the webinar in full by following the link below:

Watch a short clip from the webinar below:

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